Freedom Outreach Center
"Soaring to New Heights"
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About Us


The Freedom Outreach Center was founded by Rev. James H. Robinson in 1992 to train, educate, and mentor the underprivileged, those exhibiting criminal tendencies or those who have been incarcerated. We provide services and counseling.

The Freedom Outreach Center has a trained staff of volunteers, instructors and caring people that promote training and education in both job and life skills while providing crisis intervention to offenders and ex-offenders.

Clients who seek and participate in these motivational, educational and inspirational activities become community assets rather than liabilities.


Freedom Outreach Center's mission is to provide services for incarcerated adults, and former inmates to prepare them for reentry into society as productive and contributing citizens.


To put in place Transition Homes in high-crime cities. Upon release from incarceration these clients can contribute to a safer community and become law-abiding citizens. By reducing recidivism, we preclude added liability and burden to the taxpayer through these programs which serve our clients.

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