Freedom Outreach Center
"Soaring to New Heights"
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The eagle has the ability to fly above storms. He is strong enough to keep soaring over the storm until it is over.

Our Vision

To establish Transition Homes in Newport News, to provide services and job training for ex-offenders in order to prepare them for reentry into society as responsible and productive citizens.

Our Goals

  • Mid-term: Establish a Transition Home to service 40+ ex-offenders
  • Long-term: Establish multiple Transition Homes in other cities for both male and female ex-offenders

A Proven Record of Service

  • 16 years of community service to the residents, inmatesŐ families and those returning from prison and jail
  • Multifaceted Programs
  • Prevention training
  • Crisis intervention
  • Counseling
  • Educational and Job training
  • Job referrals
  • Youth intervention
  • Meals and food distribution
  • Broad community support

Freedom Outreach Center, a 501-c(3) Virginia non-profit corporation, is committed to provide services that will enable our clients to reach a place in their lives where they can rise above the storms and soar to new heights.

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